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Russian brides

Russian brides

The success of Russian wives among foreigners: what is the secret?

Russian women increasingly marry foreigners. This is due to their popularity among overseas cavaliers. What in Russian girls is so attracting foreign men?

The popularity of marriages with foreigners especially increased in the 90s, and since then the number of Russian brides abroad has been growing every year. Over the past 10 years, only 80,000 women have left for the United States of America alone. Now in Russia there are special marriage agencies that help girls find foreign suitors, books are published with tips on finding a husband.

Statistics reports that the majority of Russian women choose Americans, French, Italians and Germans as husbands. Why are Russian women so beautiful? All these men are representatives of a different mentality, however, they all believe that the best brides live in Russia. They associate the popularity of beauties from Russia with the following advantages:

  1. Beauty - foreigners say that nowhere have they met as many beauties as they live in Russia. They are feminine and well-groomed, they love to walk in dresses and shoes, it makes men literally lose their heads. Some foreigners who have not been to Russia believe that only tall, tanned or brown-haired beauties live here, but most still understand that this is a stereotype;

  2. Manner of communication - Russian female, according to the guests of Russia, are quite friendly and responsive. They communicate with positive and warm, charge with positive energy. Foreign men emphasize that our compatriots are quite sociable and moderately modest. As a rule, they are very gentle and delicate, ready to talk sincerely and console;

  3. Help a man - many foreigners are well acquainted with Russian literature, and the image of a typical Russian bride is made up of books from them. That is why abroad there is a perception that a mail order bride from Russia is the support of a man who actively influences his life, she is practical and ambitious. Most Russian brides believe that the head of the family is a man. In the modern world, feminism is very popular, and many women actively defend their rights, sometimes ignoring the feelings of men. Therefore, against the background of European or American ladies, a Russian girl looks like a very enviable bride;

  4. High intelligence - men abroad believe that Russian ladies are very educated, because among them you can meet representatives of completely different professions. From the point of view of foreigners, young Russian girls are very purposeful and always get what they want. They are wise women, and some men even confess that they consider them fatal;

  5. Family values - men who are lucky enough to marry a Russian woman consider themselves the happiest husbands on earth. The reason is that marriage is one of the priorities of girls in Russia, they are ready to farm, prepare a delicious dinner and keep the house clean. Foreign men appreciate this very much and consider it an undeniable advantage;

  6. Fidelity - Russian ladies who value strong marriage bonds are known for their devotion to their husband. If the marriage is really happy and the spouses love each other, then hot Russian brides will not want to look for an affair on the side. Thanks to loyalty, foreigners appreciate beautiful Russian women;

  7. Lack of whims - most foreigners point out the docile nature of Russian women, the absence of whims and pampered. Russian girls very rarely demand the immediate fulfillment of their desire from a man; they do not believe that he should break up to them for any reason. In the eyes of foreigners, they are quite independent and strong personalities.


Most foreigners claim that sexy Russian women admire them and make them fall in love at first sight. Russian brides, too, are often not against the attention of foreign gentlemen. Experts even claim that the material status of a man is not so important for girls from Russia, as his love is the desire to make her happy.


Which is the best method to get Russian women for marriage?


Family and marriage are the most valuable things in life for most men and women. Sometimes we just forget about these values ​​or replace them with others. It is difficult for a man in modern society, due to stereotypes, to admit to himself and others: “I want to marry! I want to have a family and marry a beloved woman!” Often a man does not want to marry, trying to make a career and become independent. Then he can not tear himself away from his business, and there is no time to start a family and get acquainted with a girl for marriage. Often, various fears contribute to the reluctance to meet a woman and marry: the fear of losing freedom, the fear of failure, the negative experience of the past.

If you are a foreign businessman held in all respects, or if you, let's say, a little more than 30 or 40, and you have already received an education, then the matter remains for the small, but the most significant and important thing is to find a woman and marry. Why does the thought “I want to marry!” Visit you lately every time when you wake up, fall asleep, drive late in the evening along the familiar streets of your hometown, meet friends, meet new people - always with a word when there is a spare time? The answer is simple and even banal: you are lonely!


“I want to get married and look for a Russian woman!” - a guide for action for a single man:


If you think about the best years of your life, and you are still a single man, then try to ask yourself one morning: “Maybe I want to get married? Maybe I want to meet a Russian woman and start a family? ”The answer will follow immediately: “Yes, of course, I, like any normal man, want to get married. I want to find a Russian woman for a serious relationship!” Believe that if you admit to your desire to meet Russian women, then it will be much easier to take decisive action.

So, you realized that you want to marry, now you need to think about where you can find a Russian woman for marriage. Do not forget that, despite the fact that marriages are made in heaven, you can only meet a Russian woman on earth!

Take a look around! If among your friends, acquaintances and work colleagues you cannot find a Russian woman for the role of your future wife, it means that long-awaited love got lost in the labyrinths of a bustling city, and you should choose another way to get acquainted with a Russian woman. To find a Russian woman - your future wife, arm yourself with patience, information, and do not forget about luck. Decide what your future Russian wife should look like, imagine a woman with whom you would like to start a family and marry.

Now choose the most suitable way for you to get acquainted with Russian singles, taking into account free time, age, personal preferences and psychological characteristics:


  • Place an announcement about meeting a Russian woman in a newspaper, for example: “I want to marry a Russian bride!”. The method is simple, practically does not require effort, but the result will be appropriate. Perhaps you are lucky, and a couple of Russikh ladies of Balzac age and a few more girls, most likely not from Moscow, will respond to your cry;

  • Approach the girls you like on the street and ask: “Girl, you are married, otherwise I really want to marry Russian bride!” The effectiveness of this way of dating is low. Your sincere desire to find a wife and marry soon frighten off, what will serve as a good reason for dating;

  • Dip into the Internet web and make an account at best Russian dating sites. Some men write in the questionnaires: “I want to marry!” Or “I will marry a Russian bride!” All the pros and cons of a search for a Russian woman and future wife through Russian dating sites are probably known to you. This way of dating has the right to exist, if you have free time, rich imagination and patience to find the Russian woman of your dreams;

  • If you want to find Russian brides, you can contact the marriage agency. Today, this type of service is called differently: dating club, dating agency, dating service, etc. The essence is the same: a mediator for a fee is taken to help you meet a Russian woman and find a wife. This is the best way of dating for workaholics or lazy. Just call by phone, pay the fee and express your deepest desire: “I want to marry a Russian woman!” The main thing is to entrust your destiny to the professionals!;

  • Go to a club party dating. If you are just a little lucky, then surely you will be able to meet there an interesting woman who will later become your wife. Many Russian women come to the clubs for the best parties of dating and flirting just to meet and find a husband. Therefore, your desire: “I want to marry a Russian bride!” Will not scare them away at all, but will find understanding, and your dream to marry and start a family will become a reality.

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Family values from the point of view of Russian women


Well-defined family values ​​help strengthen the foundation for building a strong and friendly family. When relationships last long enough, weak points often appear in them, especially when life does not go according to plan. Strong and consistent family values ​​play an important role in building trust and confidence for each family member:


  • Affiliation - for Russian women it is very important that each family member feels that they love him, that he belongs to someone, and that he is significant. Creating a cohesive family means that you spend every free minute together, you organize family activities, but keep in mind that everyone is different. Creating a strong family relationship is fine, but everyone should have the freedom to do the work that he thinks is enjoyable. People become more courageous and prone to risk if they know that they have that safe place to go back to when something did not work out. Get together with the whole family not only on special occasions, but also just spend time together, it helps to strengthen the sense of belonging;

  • Flexibility - despite the orders and foundations already formed in the family, Russian women do not forget to be flexible in their decisions. The reluctance to show a little loyalty can bring a lot of unhappiness and resentment. The more flexibility you make in making decisions, the happier your family will be. Imagine if a family member will always assume that he alone is right - it will not bring much happiness to the family;

  • Respect - it's a little harder to define concerning Russian brides. Respecting each other means for a Russian woman to take into account the feelings, thoughts, needs and preferences of others when making decisions. It also means recognizing and appreciating the opinions, feelings and participation of the family as a whole. The only way to earn and maintain respect for people is to show that you yourself respect your Russian wife. Respect, as a very important family value, will manifest itself both at home and at school, at work and in other public places;

  • Honesty - this is the basis for the continuation of any relationship. Mother-daughter, husband-wife, sister-brother. Without honesty, you cannot create and maintain relationships. Russian wives encourage honesty, showing understanding and respect when someone tells you about their wrong actions. If we do not do this and become angry when someone confesses to us in his bad deed, then the next time he will just hide it to avoid disrespect;

  • Forgiveness - forgiving the people who offended her is a very important choice for a Russian woman. Yes, forgiveness is a choice. This is not some feeling that accidentally gnaws at you when you feel that the other person is very “hurt”. This can be difficult, as many of us tend to equate forgiveness with the phrase - everything is fine. This is not the same. A hidden resentment does not promote mutual respect between close relatives. Keep in mind that everyone makes mistakes, we all sometimes say things that shouldn’t be said, since none of us are perfect. Russian wives are trying to adequately resolve problem situations, reach understanding and move on;

  • Generosity - Russian mail order wives give up without thinking, "but what will I get in return." Thanks to their generosity, they manage to sympathize and empathize, as the smart brides try to understand what people want or need. Being generous does not mean simply giving money to those who need it.


Top ways to organize a first date


Is your first meeting with a Russian bride for the first time - why not worry? You are extinguishing from the very thought of a date, pondering the first words, try to plan everything perfectly, worry about how to make the meeting unforgettable. Afraid not to like, knowing that the experience with ladies is small? What is appropriate, you are thinking, to talk with a girl? Take her hand for a walk or kiss, or is it too much? You dream to cope with literally covering you with anxiety, not giving yourself control, not even thinking about getting pleasure, although it should be the basis of your communication. You know, the first date is sure to add the impression of the Russian girl, and you want to appear in a favorable light in front of her, be remembered, so interested, so that she looks forward to new invitations. After all, every guy competes for the attention, recognition of women with other men, when the girl really liked it - the guy is ready to give everything so as to exactly win the sweetheart.

So, how to spend the first date with a Russian girl? The tips suggested below will help the Russian girl to be in control, controlling the situation so that the date is comfortable, comfortable for both.

How to communicate with the Russian girl on the first date? First of all, it is you who should have the pleasure of communicating with a girl, both of you should feel comfortable, communication should be free, natural, unconstrained, which will confirm your compatibility. Communicating with a woman should not be radically different from hanging out with close friends, with relatives, in which you freely tell what you wish, without filtering, without wondering how they react. If you want to tell - you just share it with your loved ones. You share with them your emotions, mood. It would be strange if, when telling your relatives, you would like to add an impression about you specifically. So, the young lady will also feel whether you are natural or want to impress her at all costs. She will rather accept your condition, if you yourself are comfortable - she will like the date and if you get caught - no matter what you tell her, she will also be tense.

And since Russian women live with emotions, she will remember exactly this effect as the result of your date. Therefore, the goal for you will be to properly tune in for the first date with the girl, ensure yourself comfort and confidence in advance, reveal the details that destabilize your condition.


Russian Mail Order Brides: attitude of a foreign society


Russian women registering on dating platform quite often encounter the obvious interest of foreigners in their personalities. In some representatives of the fair sex it causes genuine delight, others, on the contrary, are alarming. But each of the girls probably thought about why foreigners are so fond of Russians, and why it’s among our women that they want to choose a wife or just a faithful companion of life.

There may be several answers to this question. However, the main component of a comprehensive response is that our women are the most beautiful. After all, they really have everything that attracts men from different parts of the world. It is a question of purely external beauty, and of a special article of a figure and of a proud bearing. Some foreigners are also attracted by the rich inner world of our women. Most of the fair sex living in Russia are proud of the history of their country, their roots and especially that they were born in the homeland of world-famous talented poets and writers, artists and composers.


Are Russian brides legal?


Absolutely! However, a huge number of documents will have to be collected in order to reinforce their legitimate stay on the territory of a foreign country. An excellent way out is to contact the mail order bride agency, whose experts will collect the necessary documents.


Ideal husbands: what are they according to Russian brides?


  • The presence of intelligence - Russian women are not attracted to stupid men, it becomes boring and difficult to communicate with them for a long time;

  • Sensitivity - tenderness, sensitivity, attentiveness should also be in the ideal partner in life. And even better, when he reads all the thoughts of a girl, he understands perfectly well, but this is more a myth than the truth;

  • Honesty - sincerity and trust are necessary attributes of happy love, so no one likes cheaters, it is better not to engage in embellishments, inventions. Over time, everything will be known, and confidence will be undermined;

  • Loyalty - the perfect man is devoted to his lady heart and ready to love forever, by definition. All women dream about it, but how to extend the term of love, to make it eternal? This is another question;

  • The ability to love - a general concept, includes care, understanding, the ability to go to all for the sake of the beloved, as well as the manifestation of tender feelings - hugs, kisses, compliments;

  • Responsibility, reliability - the ideal man - a strong shoulder, support, confidence in the future. Girls always want to feel support in this world, to know: they will always come to the rescue, fulfill promises, are ready to solve any difficult issue. Together it is easier to survive any difficulties.


How much does it cost to get a Russian bride?


Getting membership in a trusted agency will cost you on average from $ 1,000 to $ 7,000. For a fee, you can count on the help of professional psychologists who will help you create a pair. In addition, the price includes the service of checking the mail order bride of your choice.


Perfect Russian Bride: how to find the real one


Are mail order brides real? Yes, they are! Many men have already found their happiness in this way. But, to choose a wife is a very responsible task and requires a long hard work. Because it will be about choosing a wife, precious wife, mother of your future children, grandmother of your lovely grandchildren. Pretty Russian woman has many features, and not all of them are suitable for foreigners. So how not to make the wrong choice?


  • Never rely in your choice only on the photos, study the profile thoroughly;

  • It is necessary to get acquainted with parents and close relatives;

  • Then you should look at her friends;

  • Find out why she is ready to move to a foreign country;

  • Order a full inspection service of your bride from the agency.